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You probably have some reasonable questions…

We were the first company to create an online pricing and ordering service for the mining, construction material, geotechnical services and oil and gas industries. We try to answer every question as you use the Job Estimation / Order Now tool. It’s a ‘tick-the-box’ process that takes you step-by-step from deciding how to organise your samples, including your sample codes, adding special notes, to a printable hard copy summary with an individual job order number, your details and the delivery address automatically added so you can send it with the samples. Have a go, you can’t get anything wrong, but if you’re old-school, here are some answers to common questions…
  • Q. How long will it take to process the order?
    A. Once we receive your sample material, most jobs are completed in 10 working days. This excludes freight/delivery time.
  • Q. What are all the services that I can have on my thin section samples?
    A. You can have the following services on your thin section samples – cutting/sawing, mounting/bonding, impregnation, grinding, staining, lapping, polishing, cover slips and more.
  • Q. Do I have to prepare the sample before sending?
    A. No, you don’t have to prepare the sample (such as cutting) before sending to us, but it will cost more for us to do it for you. A Job Estimate will show you how much.
  • Q. Do you prepare different sizes of thin sections?
    A. Yes, we do different sizes of thin sections – 28mm x 48mm, 26mm x 76mm and 51mm x 76mm.
  • Q. How do I pay?
    A. You can pay via direct debit or provide your credit card details telephonically for payment processing.
  • Q. When do I pay?
    A. All new customers, are required to complete a client detail form for invoicing purposes.

    An invoice will be submitted upon job completion. If paying via credit card, details are to be provided telephonically for payment processing and will incur a 2.5% processing fee.

    All accounts are provided and maintained at the sole discretion of Thin Section Australia. Payment terms are strictly 7 days.

    All payments received after the due date will automatically incur a 5% fee compounding on the first day of every month thereafter.
  • Q. Can I get a discount for a bulk or volume order?
    A. Yes, if you order 100 or more samples in single order/invoice, no matter if there are different groups requiring various types of sample preparation, the Job Estimation tool will automatically calculate a discount. You can check the discount amount by doing a Job Estimation with same sample preparation groups, but with a quantity of only 1 in each group.
  • Q. Will you automatically send the original sample material back?
    A. No, but if ask we are happy to do it.
  • Q. Is freight for the return of thin sections and sample material included in the price?
    A. Unfortunately, we will have to charge a fee just like any other service. Freight cost depends on the size and weight of sample material – and we don’t know that until after you send it to us.
  • Q. Will you store the original sample material?
    A. No, but if there is left-over material, we will hold onto some for a very short period of time – just in case you need a replacement thin section. Always a good idea to send a little bit extra.
  • Q. What currency do you use?
    A. All the transactions will be made in Australian Dollars.
  • Q. Is there any surcharge associated with a credit card payment?
    A. Yes, there is a surcharge of 2.5%.
  • Q. If I mark a section and direction on my sample, how do I know which way is correct when I receive them back?
    A. There is a notch cut into the sample, where the drawn mark was originally, this indicates the direction.
  • Q. Can I get an account?
    A. Yes absolutely, a client detail form will be sent to you for completing and returning asap and terms will be considered and accepted where mutually agreed.

Shipping and Handling Costs

Delivery and all costs regarding shipping and handling of sample material to and from Thin Section Australia is the sole responsibility of the customer.

If requested by the customer, excess sample material will be returned along with the completed order and additional charges will be incurred.

The amount charged for shipping and handling can only be determined by Thin Section Australia after the exact amount of excess sample material is determined. This can only occur after the completion of sample preparation.

Express postage charges (subject to change as per Australia Post) Postage bags will accommodate up to 5kg.

Oversize - Price to be quoted
Large - $20.00
Medium - $16.00
Small - $12.00

We can use your courier/freight company for the return of excess material upon request - details of account to use needs to be provided to us.

Refund Policy

All efforts will be made to deliver the highest quality sample preparation. However, if Thin Section Australia customers are not satisfied with the quality of the finished samples prepared, they are encouraged to request a reproduction of the same slide. Thin Section Australia will require the sample in question to be returned for comparison (prior to making a replacement) as well as, any necessary sample material required for the production of a replacement sample. In order to continue the learning process and improve quality control, we request the customer to provide written, constructive feedback detailing their requirements and the issue with the sample. Thin Section Australia will endeavour to reproduce the replacement sample as soon as possible and will bear the shipping and handling costs for returning the replacement thin section or block.

Security Policy

When purchasing from Thin Section Australia, credit card details are transmitted through a secure server using Westpac Bank and Securepay. Card data is not hosted or maintained by Thin Section Australia after processing the transaction.

Consumer Data Policy

Customers that establish an Account with Thin Section Australia will have the following data recorded for future use: Name, Address, Email, Telephone, Company, University, Shipping Address (information requested during account set up) and previous purchase information. Information will only be used for conducting business with the customer and not on-sold to any other party.